“My family's connection with Wairepo in Nelson, NZ stretches back over 100 years." 
R Easton - Wairepo House, Nelson NZ

Easton family history at Wairepo

Five generations of Eastons have tirelessly worked this land. Today we invite all our guests to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

  • Mid 1800's - Lochart Dobbie Easton (great grandfather) emigrates to NZ. 
  • Early 1900's - William Bolt Easton (grandfather) purchases original block of land. He builds the original one bedroom whare (house) by hand & begins the back-breaking job of transforming the land from swampy native bush.
  • 1911 - William marries Mabel Hope Dudley. Mabel's family arrived in Canterbury on the first settler ships, along with Joyanne's forebears.  
  • 1914 to 1918 - All work on hold while William serves in Europe, Gallipoli and France during WWI.
  • 1919 - Land development continues with plantings of Sturmer, Northern Spy, Delicious & Cox's Orange apples in orchards & running small herd of Jersey cows.
  • 1945 - Lochart Donald Easton (father) runs orchard operation after returning from WWII. He purchases an adjoining Maori lease block of land.
  • 1969 - Maori lease land becomes freehold.
  • 1970 - I began working with my father on the farm & in the orchards.
  • 1971 - I marry Joyanne & the original house is removed to allow for a larger building.
  • 1980 - We purchase the land from the family estate.
  • 1991 - Establish 5 star, luxury accommodation & add suites to Wairepo House. First season of Peonies grown for export.

History of the land

Wairepo is the Maori name for the valley in which the homestead and orchard are situated. Wairepo means "water running through a swamp". 'Wai' is the Maori word for water and 'repo' means swamp. In pre-European times, Maori used parts of the Wairepo valley to grow kumara (sweet potato). Early European settlers have also uncovered some evidence of Maori cooking sites (earth ovens) in this area.

Our promise to you

We have spared no expense in creating a peaceful sanctuary and retreat for you.

We are confident you will not find a more comfortable, private or opulent accommodation anywhere in Nelson and we look forward to welcoming you at Wairepo House soon.

Richard & Joyanne Easton